How to measure your wall!

You will need:

  1. Tape measure or a laser measure. (Do not measure with a mobile phone application)
  2. Pencil and paper to make the sketch for your measurements.

The process:

1.Determine the height and width of the wall: Measure the height of the wall from the skirting board to the ceiling and the width of the wall from one end to the other.

See (Image 1) or (Image 2).


2.Windows, doors, sockets, a/c etc: Measure the height and width of each object to determine its size. Then, to define exact placement on the wall, measure their distance from ceiling or bottom and from the one of two ends of the wall width.

See (Image 2 for Door), (Image 3 for Sockets), (Image 4 for windows), (Image 5 for A/c).

Heaters or other objects can be measured the same way.

Everything ready?
Provide us the measurements to give you a total price for the project.


  • Do not round down or up the measurements.
  • Do not subtract the area of windows and doors from the total width and height.
  • Always double-check your measurements.